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28 years of combined experience producing discontinued fragrances

Fragrance Revival was launched as an offshoot of Scentmatchers so that we could try out some fresh ideas on a more updated and modern website. Scentmatchers has been in business over 10 years so over the course of that time we’ve learned some things that work the best, Fragrance Revival takes those best ideas and also uses a more modern design and asthetic. Also Fragrance Revival gives us the chance to offer instant refunds right from the start to make sure that every customer that is not satisfied with the fragrance gets their money back easily.

We are a family owned business in every sense of the word, and all of our employees have families as well. We try to make our corporate culture more of a family vibe and we do try to be accomodating to our employees family needs.  If you’d like to learn more about our us or our employees there’s a short bio that can be found by clicking the pictures below.

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Our Team

Angie is our Head Perfumer and is a co-owner of the business. In addition to having the most experience with fragrances she has also been named a Fragrance Expert by The Fragrance Academy. As of late Angela has been spending more time with her four children and her horses, but she still consults on difficult matches.

Favorite Discontinued Fragrance: Interlude by Frances Denney

Adam is a co-owner and has had a few different roles throughout the history of the company. The one he has primarily settled into is marketing, although he does occasionally take out the trash as well to be sure they keep him around. He dabbles in inventions that don’t work, but they also have yet to kill anyone.

Favorite Discontinued Fragrance: Surface by Aramis

Jessica runs the show here at Fragrance Revival. She has worked her way up and has had almost every job title from shipping coordinator to customer service. Now she leads the team and her calm nature and ability to set expectations has proven to be a great asset. She has a recent newborn baby who is ALWAYS smiling and visits the office quite a bit.

Favorite Discontinued Fragrance: Warm Embrace by Victoria’s Secret

Alissa is another recent hire and we feel lucky she joined our team. Her family recently moved to Northern Michigan and this is her first job in the area. Alissa is new in perfume making and is also in charge of shipping. In her spare time she enjoys hiking and riding ATV’s, so it’s good she moved up to our natural beauty here in the great white north.

Favorite Discontinued Fragrance: En Fleur by Alyssa Ashley

Pravin is a constant force of happiness here at Fragrance Revival. He has managed customer service here for several years. His steady demeanor and calm manner help to get customers issues resolved as quickly and as thoroughly as possible. Pravin is the only employee to work in another country, so he enjoys the benefit of keeping his sanity.

Favorite Discontinued Fragrance: Millionaire by Mennen

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"They do a wonderful job...my favorite scent is no longer produced so they make me the same scent and I get to enjoy it again!"

Lorraine Spaziani
Why They Love Us